HS CHAIN is a professional transmission chain manufacturer in China. Established in 1975, we are generally engaged in the research and manufacture of medium-sized and large conveyor chains. In order to produce high quality conveyor chains for our global clients, we adopt high quality materials and imported technologies and strictly implement ISO9002 standards. As a result, our transmission roller chains, leaf chains, steel pintle chains, flat top chains for conveyors, industrial chains (for coal mining and processing), and more products are produced with superior rigidity, strength, and corrosion resistance. These transmission chains are widely used in agricultural machines, logging machines, wood processing machines, road construction machines, forklifts, home appliances industry, chemical industry, brew drink industry, etc. Available in about 5000 varieties, these chains could satisfy a wide range of transmission needs.

At HS CHAIN, we have established a complete network ordering and service system, which better serves our customers in USA, France, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more countries. Please feel free to contact us, an ISO9002 certified transmission chain manufacturer and supplier.